Cigna Collaborative Accountable Care (CAC) Program - Healthcare Partners Medical Group

Program Location: 
Torrance, CA
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Cigna and HealthCare Partners Medical Group in Southern California launched a collaborative accountable care initiative to improve patient access to healthcare, enhance care coordination, and achieve the “triple aim” of improved health, affordability and patient experience. The program became effective April 1, 2013.

Under the program, patients continue to go to their current physician and care team and benefit from preventive care programs and disease management programs. HealthCare Partners monitors and coordinates all aspects of a patient's medical care. Patients most likely to see immediate benefits from the program are those actively engaged with their care teams and those who need help managing chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. Critical to the program's benefits is HealthCare Partners' coordinated care model supported by a wide array of resources.

The HealthCare Partners care management team is aligned to a team of Cigna case managers to ensure a high degree of collaboration when needed. All aimed at improving the health of the individual, HealthCare Partners clinical programs include disease management programs for diabetes, heart disease and other conditions or lifestyle management programs, such as programs for tobacco cessation, weight management and stress management. TThe principles of the patient-centered medical home are the foundation of Cigna's collaborative accountable care initiatives. Cigna then builds on that foundation with a strong focus on collaboration and communication with physician practices. 

Payment Model: 

Cigna will compensate Healthcare Partners Medical Group for the medical and care coordination services they provide. Additionally, they will be rewarded through a “pay for value” structure for meeting targets for improving quality and lowering medical costs.

Last updated June 2014
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