Cigna Accountable Care Program - Cigna Medical Group

Program Location: 
Phoenix, AZ
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Reported Outcomes


In 2010 Cigna HealthCare, health care subsidiaries of Cigna Corporation, and Cigna Medical Group (the multi-specialty medical group practice division of Cigna HealthCare of Arizona) launched acollaborative accountable care medical home program, a care model designed to improve quality and lower medical costsby expanding access and improving care coordination for patients. The program was one of eight such initiatives that Cigna HealthCare launched since 2008 to test and refine this model of care and was the first patient-centered program in the Phoenix area involving a large medical group practice and a single private payer.
Through this initiative, the Cigna Medical Group physician practice coordinates all aspects of an individual’s medical care - especially for patients with chronic illness or ongoing medical needs. Patients do not need to do anything differently to receive the benefits of the collaborative accountable care program and should continue to see their Cigna Medical Group physician.

Payment Model: 

Providers are rewarded through a pay for value structure if it meets targets for improving quality and lowering medical costs.

Cost Savings: 
  • 11% decrease in outpatient surgery and costs
  • 7% lower total medical costs compared to market
  • average annual per patient savings of $336
Increased Preventive Services: 
  • 3% increase in overall preventive care visits
  • 12% increase in adult preventive care visits
Last updated June 2014
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