Aligning Forces for Quality - Humboldt University

Program Location: 
Eureka, CA
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Partner Organizations: 
Humboldt-Del Norte Independent Practice Association
St Joseph Health System

The Humboldt County-AF4Q initiative is a collaborative project of many local organizations and individuals interested in improving the quality of health care. The effort fosters a high-quality, integrated, patient-centered system of care that is accessible to all North Coast residents. The project has three aims - provider measurement and public reporting, patient involvement, and medical care improvement activities - to improve the medical care and self-care of patients, particularly those with diabetes. The Humboldt County-AF4Q initiative also works with multiple partners to help doctors' offices and hospitals improve the quality of care they deliver. The Primary Care Renewal project is a local collaborative of 11 teams from primary care, internal medicine, and pediatric offices working together to transform their practices. In these practices, patient partners collaborate with physicians, nurses, and other personnel to identify strategies to improve quality and the patient experience. 

Last updated June 2014
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