The Verden Group

Founded in January 2007 by Susanne Madden, The Verden Group is a visionary consulting firm focused on shaping the landscape of advocacy by empowering medical practices to navigate through the increasingly complex business of healthcare, and to advocate on their own behalf to insurers and regulators.

By offering both consulting services and innovative business tools, our goal is to help practices to better understand the environment in which they operate. What has evolved over time is a company focused on all aspects of the healthcare market that pertain to physicians – insurance company contracting, policies and procedures and how those affect revenue and delivery of services to patients; practice workflow and operations; practice marketing, social media and patient education; and provider access to information that can prove enlightening rather than being even more confusing.

As our team has grown, so has our ability to meet a variety of our clients needs, including recently creating Patient Centered Solutions, a division that is exclusively focused on helping practices achieve Patient Centered Medical Home status. We invite you to explore the site and welcome your feedback and are happy to answer your questions.

Executive Member Since: 
January 2018
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