Planetree, Inc. is a non-profit advocacy, education and membership organization that has been working to advance patient-centered care delivery across the healthcare continuum since its founding by a patient in 1978.  Planetree partners with healthcare organizations across the care continuum to integrate the perspectives of patients and family members, providers and staff into the development of reliable and impactful patient-centered practices.  Its methodology for supporting sustainable patient-centered culture change is documented in the award-winning Putting Patients First book series (Jossey Bass, 2003, 2008, 2013).  Planetree’s model, today in practice in more than 700 sites in 19 countries, offers organizations a structured pathway for patient-centered transformation, as well as a unique evaluative framework for patient-centered excellence that has been hailed as a promising adjunct to patient-centered medical home recognition programs for driving deep-rooted culture change in the practice setting.  

Executive Member Since: 
March 2016
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