IBM Enterprise Content Management solutions help organizations unlock the value of content for better insight and outcomes. By putting the right content in motion--capturing, activating, socializing, analyzing and governing--organizations across all industries can transform their business by making more informed decisions. IBM solutions help organizations analyze, recognize and act on critical content within large data volumes across the enterprise. Identifying which information has value is paramount to effectively managing the cost and risk of content from capture to disposal.

IBM Patient Care and Insights, the latest healthcare solution from IBM ECM, is a comprehensive offering that provides data-driven population analysis (using both structured and unstructured data) for more accurate trend predictions and earlier interventions. The foundational care management platform supports electronic care planning, document management, care team coordination and the data integration necessary to deliver a truly accountable, patient-centered model. It is the development of these capabilities that will allow healthcare organizations to improve health outcomes while lowering operational costs.

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