Transforming Health with Data, Mind and Hand

MIT Sloan School of Management & Massachusetts General Hospital

Much like Jaume Plensa’s Alchemist, commissioned in honor of MIT’s 150th anniversary, marries numeric symbols with human effort as an homage to researchers and scientists, the INFORMS 2019 Healthcare Conference recognizes the many contributions of operations research and analytics professionals to the advancement of healthcare.

The 2019 conference, “Transforming Health with Data, Mind and Hand,” will explore how analytics, operations research and management science can transform medicine, healthcare policy and delivery, with particular emphasis placed on connecting the INFORMS community and healthcare professionals to impact practice.

Inspired by MIT’s motto, “Mens et Manus”—”mind and hand”— this collaborative effort proposed by MIT Sloan and Massachusetts General Hospital reflects our joint vision of using data analytics and research to impact medicine, healthcare policy, and delivery.

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