The Practice Transformation Group: Engaging Physicians in Transforming Primary Care

Hosted by the NHRI SAN
Tuesday Nov 21, 2017 11:00 am to 12:00 pm EST
United States

Join us as we continue the conversation on practice transformation and help participants learn: 

1) The importance of physician engagement in quality improvement (the “why”)
2) To identify strategies to enhance physician engagement (the “what”)
3) To describe strategies to overcome challenges and barriers to truly have physicians lead quality improvement (“the how”)

Diane Stewart, Senior Director at PBGH’s California Quality Collaborative (CQC), will facilitate a robust discussion featuring guest speakers:

*David Margolius, Medical Director, MetroHealth System
*Samir Sinha, Director, Geriatrics, Sinai Health System

Following the presentations there will be a moderated Q&A that incorporates attendee questions and comments.

All are welcome. Please register below!

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