PFCCpartners August Workshop

Hosted by PFCCpartners
Friday Aug 25, 2017 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm EDT
United States

Building A National Advisory Community

Patients and families are partnering across healthcare settings, including research and policy, to co design the safe and high quality health system we all need and want.  As Advisor efforts continue to expand, the need for a community of Advisors, created by Advisors has increased.  The PFANetwork, supported by PFCCpartners, was established in 2012 to provide a community to meet the needs of Advisors in developing their skills, contribute to the development of the Advisor role (Core Competencies) and to be connected with opportunities to engage in projects beyond their local health care community.  

Since June 2017, PFCCpartners has committed to expanding the PFANetwork in response to the request to build a National Advisory Community made at the 2016 Patient Family Advisor Summit at the IHI Forum last December.  Join us for this informational webinar to learn about our new PFANetwork Coordinator, the collaboration with SmartPatients, and the state, regional and national collaborations we have connected Advisors to.  If you are an Advisor or have Advisors on your team we invite you to join this session and to join the PFANetwork community.  

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