Barbara Starfield Summit 2: Primary Care's Role in Achieving Health Equity

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This second Starfield Summit will bring together a diverse and dynamic group of people with interest in decreasing health disparities and achieving health equity.

This summit will afford attendees the opportunity to collaborate in paving paths towards health equity and social accountability.  The work of the summit will act as a catalyst for action and create coordinated networks that tap into the strength of existing partnerships and create new coalitions and collaborations.

Thought leaders in health inequities, primary care clinicians and their organizations, public health experts, educators, researchers, trainees, advocates, policy experts, social service organizations, patients, and community members will come together to create a blueprint for the role of academic organizations, health professions schools, family medicine, and primary care in eliminating health disparities.

Attendees will share knowledge, learn and collaborate in the development of practical and transformative strategies to decrease disparities in health. Those interested in health equity research, practice transformation, and education will gain valuable insights into best practices and will have the opportunity to network with like minds for information exchange and collaboration. 

The collective wisdom and passion of participants will be harnessed through facilitated strategic discussions to develop a social accountability framework to guide the future of family medicine in its commitment to the elimination of health inequities.

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