Planetree Regional Patient Centered Performance Improvement Competency Training

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This 3-day competency training session is the first step in Planetree’s intensive training track for Patient Centered Performance Improvement (PC-PI) certification. Completion of this level of PC-PI education specifically develops and expands participants’ competencies around their knowledge of various quality management systems (Lean, Six-Sigma, TPS), as well as their underlying constructs and potentials for application.  

Secondly, candidates learn how to apply a Human Factors and Human Performance Technology approach to these quality management tools and how this can augment both work process design and sustainment efforts. Furthermore, candidates learn how to seek out participants from across the organizational continuum and within patient and family stakeholder groups to actively engage in performance improvement initiatives and why this is essential to long term success and viability. 

Course Agenda

Educational Objectives Include:

  • Identifying applications for PC-PI events
  • Engaging and including PC-PI key stakeholders in process design
  • Understanding operational constructs of QMS tools used in PC-PI
Tuition: $500/Planetree Affiliates; $625/Non-Affiliates


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