Developing Interprofessional Champions in the Clinical Environment: Opportunities for Preceptors

American Interprofessional Health Collaborative

Friday May 8, 2015 01:00 pm to 02:00 pm EDT
United States
Interprofessional education is becoming increasingly common in health professions’ pre-licensure curriculum.  As part of this education, students need “real” opportunities to see interprofessional collaborative practice role modeled and to practice “real” interprofessional team-based care.

This webinar responds to the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation’s recent call for aligning interprofessional education and clinical practice redesign to achieve the Triple Aim.  We need preceptors (aka clinical educators) and clinical sites developed where students experience both interprofessional practice and education in live patient care environments.

This webinar will feature two university approaches for developing preceptors to be interprofessional champions in the clinical environment.  Each case study will provide information on their approaches and materials, lessons learned and strategies for success.

  1. Identify the need for developing preceptors to align interprofessional education and clinical practice
  2. Compare and contrast two cases studies that feature a variety of approaches and materials for preceptor development.
  3. Discuss common barriers, lessons learned and strategies for success regarding development of preceptors that are interprofessional champions.
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