The Promise and Pitfalls of State-Based Payment Reform

National Academy for State Health Policy

Friday Feb 27, 2015 01:00 pm to 02:30 pm EST
United States

Many states across the nation are in the process of designing and implementing multi-payer payment reform initiatives. The goals of these initiatives are to lower health care costs, improve health outcomes, and enhance the quality of care. States are receiving significant federal funds to accelerate payment and delivery system transformation: the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation recently announced more than $660 million to 32 states (including DC and three territories).  This webinar will address how current payment reform models will help fix our broken health care delivery system and assist states to achieve the triple aim. Along the payment transformation journey, are there potential pitfalls of payment reform models that states should look out for and avoid?

In this webinar, Alan Weil will present on the potential of payment reform to help transform the delivery system and move away from a fragmented fee-for-service system.  Alan will also provide insights into the weaknesses of state-based payment reform models and strategies to mitigate those weaknesses.  Joe Thompson and Robin Lunge will ground this policy presentation in the realities of their payment reform models in Arkansas and Vermont.  How are states addressing the potential pitfalls of payment reform and realizing effective delivery system change? 

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