A Walk in Someone Else's Shoes: Payment Reform Perspectives from Providers and Private Payers

Monday Dec 15, 2014 12:30 pm to 02:00 pm EST
United States

As states design and implement multi-payer payment reform initiatives, extensive collaboration with and buy-in from payers and providers is necessary. States must engage with these groups as partners to determine the value of adopting a payment reform model, and stakeholders must align around key features such as payment methodology, quality measures, and implementation processes on the ground.  What better way to gather insight on this engagement process and the roles of providers and payers than to hear from them directly?

This panel-style webinar will feature a discussion with representatives from a commercial plan, a self-insured purchaser, a large health system, and a primary care provider. Panelists will discuss their interaction with state delivery and payment transformation as well as their goals and motivations for participating in such efforts.  The webinar audience will learn about the unique challenges that each of these stakeholders face in implementing state health system reforms and the ways in which states can better collaborate with payers, purchasers, and providers. 

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