How Partners Healthcare Commits to 100% Appropriate Care and Eliminates Prior Authorization

Wednesday Jan 7, 2015 03:00 pm to 04:00 pm EST
United States

Appropriate use of diagnostics and procedures is a strategic imperative for providers focused on improving population health while lowering costs. As much as one-third of US healthcare spending is wasteful or unnecessary. Payers respond by requiring medical necessity reviews, especially for high-cost and high-volume procedures.

Massachusetts General Hospital and Partners HealthCare have implemented an innovative program to achieve the highest possible rates of appropriate use and align with payers to waive prior authorization. We are excited to have Dr. Creagh Milford, Associate Medical Director for Population Health Management, share their experience.

Attend our webinar and discover:
How to gain clinician buy-in to adoption of evidence-based guidelines
What it takes to reduce or eliminate prior authorization
How software that mines patient records expedites review of benefits and risks
What is required for truly "informed" patient consent

Join us to learn how committing to appropriate care can make patients healthier and more engaged, physicians happier, and payers satisfied that best practice guidelines have been applied.

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