The PCPCC's 2012 Outcomes Report is Here and Free to Download!

Benefits of Implementing the Primary Care Patient-Centered Medical HomeCost and Quality Results, 2012The Primary Care Collaborative is proud to announce the full relase of our newest report, "Benefits of Implementing the Primary Care Patient-Centered Medical Home: Cost and Quality Results, 2012."The report documents cost and quality outcomes from recent primary care patient-centered medical home (PCMH) pilots and demonstration projects across the United States. The report has a two-fold goal. First, it provides a summary of 34 recent peer reviewed and industry reports from PCMH initiatives from the past two years, highlighting cost and quality outcomes data. The results provide substantial empirical support for the PCMH and the health care professionals, health plans, employers and policymakers who are adopting it, as well as the patients and their families receiving this care. Second, the report defines the features of a PCMH and provides data from 23 case studies to demonstrate how each feature of a PCMH contributes to lower costs, improved care and better health outcomes.In addition to the report we have also produced a one-page fact sheet meant to accompany the publication which you can view here.  This fact sheet summarizes the findings that we have presented in the report and is meant to act as an introduction to the PCPCC and the patient-centered medical home for those who are unfamiliar with our work.

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