URAC Webinar: Exchange Health Plan Management Functions: URAC Accreditation & Quality Measures - Nov 27

Tuesday Nov 27, 2012 03:00 pm EST

Click here to register. Exchange Health Plan Management Functions: URAC Accreditation & Quality Measures Tuesday, November 27, 2012 (3pm - 4pm US/Eastern)Webinar - Complimentary FOCUS: In this complimentary webinar, URAC will present an overview of its accreditation process and quality measures as they relate to Qualified Health Plans that participate on Health Insurance Exchanges, including how URAC information may be utilized by state insurance regulators and state exchanges.  SUMMARY: Health Plan Management includes functions for verifying accreditation and quality measures for Qualified Health Plans. These functions may likely become the responsibility of state insurance departments once exchanges are established. As one of the two leading national accreditors for health plans, URAC stands ready to accredit plans that participate on Health Insurance Exchanges and collect quality data.  This URAC presentation will address URAC's Health Plan accreditation and quality measures and also help state regulators better understand how the accreditation process currently works and how URAC might share the information they need to assess the quality aspects of Health Plan Management. Highlights will include: URAC Overview: History, Governance & Resources Introduction to Accreditation & its Contribution to Exchanges The URAC Standards Development & Measures Selection Processes The URAC Accreditation Process, Timelines & Tools Provisional Accreditation Readiness for Exchanges

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