Upcoming URAC Webinar: Patient Centered Health Care Home Practice Achievement Program - Sept 27th 2:00-3:00pm EDT

Thursday Sep 27, 2012 02:00 pm EDT

 URAC Patient Centered Health Care Home Practice Achievement ProgramThursday, September 27, 2012 (2pm - 3pm US/Eastern)Webinar - Complimentary This education workshop is offered to health management organizations (HMO), health plans and medical home pilots desiring to provide independent PCHCH practice assessment audits of health care practices. It is designed to review the URAC PCHCH Auditor Certification Standards. These standards include the Core and HIPAA standards, which address several key organizational management functions that are important for any health care organization. The Core standards provide the basic structures and process any organization must have to maintain a level of quality expected in a URAC-accredited organization. The HIPAA standards address privacy compliance and business associate agreements.This workshop includes:PCHCH Auditor Certification Standards (Core v3.0 and HIPAA)PCHCH Practice Achievement Standards for AuditorsPCHCH Certified Auditor Roles, Responsibilities, and Training RequirementsInterpretive InformationDocuments for ReviewNote:If your organization already attained PCHCH Auditor Certification, you should register for the PCHCH Auditor Certification: Practice Achievement Workshop.This workshop is not recommended for practices seeking PCHCH Practice Achievement. Those practices should register for the PCHCH Practice Achievement Workshop.Program ObjectivesAt the conclusion of this workshop participants will be able to:- Understand PCHCH Achievement Program standards requirements- Distinguish mandatory achievement standards- Identify PCHCH Practice Achievement EHR standardsUnderstand Core v 3.0 and HIPAA standards requirements for accredited organizations to prepare for auditor certificationIdentify steps in the URAC client centric application and accreditation processDescribe the support for recognition of Patient Centered Health Care Homes (PCHCH)Recognize the essential building blocks of a patient centered health care home and URAC PCHCH ProgramsUnderstand the Auditor’s Role, Responsibilities, and Training RequirementsDescribe the URAC Patient Centered Health Care Homes (PCHCH) Practice AchievementURAC’s PCHCH Auditor Certification provides assurances to health care practices that their auditors are licensed, qualified and specially trained health professionals who understand the complexities of care coordination.For additional details of the workshop click on the link to the agenda.Contact URAC's Education Department for information about group discounts.

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