Time Out for Genetics Webinar: Top 10 Genetics Resources for Pediatric Primary Care Providers

Thursday Oct 25, 2012 12:52 am EDT

The Time Out for Genetics webinar, "Top 10 Genetics Resources for Pediatric Primary Care Providers" took place on Thursday, October 25 from 12-12:30pm Central. The webinar aims to provide an overview of the current resources available to primary care providers. Following the presentation, participants should be able to:Access and utilize online genetic resources to create a differential diagnosis for patients presenting with features of a genetic disorderAccess and utilize online genetic resources developed for professionals about specific genetic conditions to improve patient careRecommend family support and online genetic resources for families who have a child with a specific genetic conditionThe objective of this free, 10-part webinar series is to increase awareness and education regarding the provision of genetic medicine in primary care practice. It is designed for primary care clinicians, pediatricians, pediatric sub-specialists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, genetic counselors, geneticists, and other stakeholders. Previous webinar presentations include:Archived: Integrating Genetics in Primary Care -- Why Does it Matter?Archived: Building an Accurate Family History, Constructing a Pedigree -- An Overview for Primary CareArchived: Ordering the Right Tests -- Genetics in Primary CareArchived: Genetics Evaluation, Referrals, and More -- What To Do NextArchived: Myths of Primary Care Providers and Patients/Families Regarding Genetics -- Setting the Record StraightArchived: Heard About Genetic Counseling? What Does it Mean for You, Patients, and Families?Archived: Genetics and Coding: What the Primary Care Provider Needs to Know 

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