Putting the Mouth Back into the Body: Case Studies of Oral and Medical Integration


The Primary Care Collaborative (PCC) is leading an initiative to advance oral health and primary care integration—a facet of comprehensive primary care that the PCC is advancing in the Shared Principles of Primary Care, adopted by 350 leading organizations. The project will provide diverse leaders with a road map for what is possible via exemplary cases—spanning settings, payer types, and degree of integration. An advisory group of diverse experts will inform the work and ensure that the end-product is relevant, impactful, and scalable. PCC will then disseminate the final compendium across its network of members and supporters.

Who are the key stakeholders involved?

  • Primary Care Collaborative
  • The Advisory Group comprises expert stakeholders from across the country, including oral health and primary care professionals, employers, payers, academia, consumer groups, and government.
  • Key consultants to the PCC include:
    • Anita Glicken, Executive Director of the National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health (NIIOH)
    • Lisa Simon, a dentist and researcher at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  • The DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement is funding the year-long project. The Partnership works to improve oral health for all by transforming health systems through research, thought leadership, care improvement activities, and grant-making.

What is the role of the advisory group, and who is on it?

The Advisory Group members will bring their expertise and diverse perspectives to the project, including:

  • informing the project’s integration framework
  • recommending and vetting potential exemplary cases
  • identifying cross-cutting themes for the compendium.

Advisory Group members will also review portions of the compendium and provide feedback.

When will the report be issued and how will it be disseminated?

The final compendium of case studies will be released in the fall, following the U.S. Surgeon General’s 2020 Oral Health Report (anticipated for release in October). Leveraging national attention on oral health, PCC will then actively disseminate the cases and themes across its network of members and supporters, including via a live briefing event, webinars, conferences, newsletters, and online content.

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