Primary Care Workforce Competencies

The following competencies are endorsed by PCPCC's Education & Training Task Force as essential for preparing health care professionals across disciplines and skill level in a medical home, including:

  • Development of effective, caring relationships with patients
  • Assessment of bio psychosocial needs across the life span
  • Patient-centered care planning, including collaborative decision-making and patient self-management
  • Cultural sensitivity and competence in culturally appropriate practice
  • Interprofessionalism and interdisciplinary team collaboration
  • Team leadership
  • Care coordination for comprehensive care of patient and family in the community
  • Evidence-based practice
  • Assessment of patient outcomes
  • Quality improvement methods, including assessment of patient experience for use in practice-based improvement efforts
  • Health information technology, including e-communications with patients and other providers
  • Promotion of appropriate access to care (e.g., group appointments, open scheduling)
  • Population-based approaches to health care delivery
  • Risk identification
  • Advocacy for patient-centered integrated care
  • Business models for patient–centered integrated care
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