Call for Submissions: Innovative Residency and Health Professionals Training Programs

Monday Jan 21, 2013 12:09 pm EST

The PCPCC recently launched an initiative sponsored by our Education & Training Task Force: to build a rich collection of primary care residency and health professional training programs that incorporate advanced practices in primary care and the patient-centered medical home.We encourage you or your colleagues to submit profiles of existing residency and health professionals training models and best practices that represent a range of communities, institutions, geographic locations, and patient populations. The programs should emphasize learning opportunities and skills development in the following areas:

  • Interdisciplinary team-based care built around patients’ specific health needs, including primary care providers, nurses, behavioral health specialists, social workers, etc.
  • Enhanced access and communication using new strategies in scheduling, technology, and patient engagementCultural, socioeconomic, and linguistic competencies that enhance patient, caregiver, and family relationships
  • Care coordination across the larger health system or “medical neighborhood”
  • Advanced reporting and data analysis through the use of health information technology
  • Population health management, particularly for high-risk populations

If you or your colleagues know of programs that fit the description above please submit your information through our online form by April 30, 2013. We also encourage you to include this announcement in your organization’s newsletters, websites and other program listings.We expect to use these submissions in two ways: (1) produce a publication that builds on the Association of American Medical Colleges’ report Moving the Medical Home Forward: Innovation in Primary Care Training and Delivery; (2) build an online database where profiles will be available to the public.

For more information please contact Tara Hacker at (202) 417-2069 or [email protected] 

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