About the Collaborative Stakeholders

The Collaborative's membership reflects all the different stakeholders in healthcare and is the source of the organization's effectiveness.  The PCPCC brings together physician and nursing groups, patient and consumer organizations, health plans, employers, industry, quality organizations, health systems and much more to forge consensus about policy solutions that further primary care. Below you will find information and education relevant to all these stakeholders.

Advocacy & Public Policy: The collaborative works closely with policymakers, government agencies and leaders, and fellow advocates to drive health system reform that incorporates key features of the medical home. 

Care Delivery & Integration: The collaborative works to encourage widespread transformation of the health care delivery system and development of “medical neighborhoods” built on a strong foundation of primary care and the medical home.

Employers & Purchasers: The collaborative works to engage employers and purchasers around redesigning benefit programs that promote the medical home model and innovative payment models.

Outcomes & Evaluation: The collaborative works to demonstrate the value of primary care and the medical home using quality and cost evidence from medical home initiatives, and helps disseminate data and results to build awareness for the medical home's impact.

Patients, Families & Consumers: The collaborative works to assure patients and families are active partners in improving primary care delivery and achieving medical home transformation and promotes the importance of patients as members of the care team.

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