CMS Innovation Center Update

October 2021 Policy Update

Last week, the CMS Innovation Center released a refreshed strategic vision for the agency that hopes to achieve equitable outcomes through high-quality, affordable and person-centered care. In the document, the Innovation Center identifies and reflects on lessons learned from the previous decade of work, lays out broad objectives, and defines measures of progress to guide the work of the agency over the next decade.

The strategic objectives include:

  1. Drive Accountable Care
  2. Advance Health Equity
  3. Support Innovations
  4. Address Affordability
  5. Partner to Achieve System Transformation. 

In a public statement on the new strategy, PCC’s President and CEO, Ann Greiner, praised CMS leaders for “a bold vision and strategy for how to continue transforming the U.S. health system through innovation and a focus on equity" while noting “strong investments in comprehensive, whole-person primary care [are] crucial to its success.”

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