Pathway To Patient-Centered Measurement For Accountability

Much of the focus in health policy circles and the media has been on the price transparency provisions of the recently released executive order on improving price and quality transparency. However, the executive order also calls for the establishment of a health quality roadmap that outlines a process for alignment of measures across all federal programs and care settings, adoption of common measures, and elimination of “low-value or counterproductive measures.”

The health quality roadmap will need to address several key questions including:

  • What is the purpose of measurement?
  • What do “high-value and productive” measures look like?
  • What is a feasible pathway to evolving measurement?

In this post, we address these and other important questions and discuss the importance of developing patient-centered outcomes measures. We provide an overview of our approach, which is described in more detail in a just-released white paper and was developed through multistakeholder convenings and a review of existing measures and measurement frameworks. We argue that a confluence of factors makes this an ideal time to move forward with these next generation of measures.   

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