White House Takes On Surprise Medical Bills

Today at the White House, President Trump held an event on surprise medical bills. He announced his priorities for legislation that would end the practice, and he highlighted that the stories of two patients who had been subjects of NPR and Kaiser Health News' Bill of the Month series. NPR's Selena Simmons-Duffin reports.
SELENA SIMMONS-DUFFIN, BYLINE: One of those patients is Drew Calver, a public school teacher in Austin, Texas. Two years ago, he had a heart attack and was taken to the nearest hospital.
DREW CALVER: Although I had insurance, I was still billed $110,000. I feel like I was exploited at my most vulnerable time in my life.
SIMMONS-DUFFIN: He spoke at the White House event today. Last summer, after he was featured in Bill of the Month, the hospital reduced the charge to just $332.
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