Double-Digit Premium Increases Expected in the Exchange Market in 2019

New research from Avalere finds that proposed 2019 exchange premiums for the most popular exchange plans (silver-level plans) are 15% higher, on average, compared to 2018 final premiums. If approved, average silver-level exchange plan premiums will be $98 more per month in the states analyzed, up from $642 in 2018 to $740 in 2019.

These findings are based on an Avalere analysis of the complete 2019 individual market proposed rate filings released publicly by 10 states and DC. “Insurers are starting to gain a better understanding of who is likely to buy their health insurance through the exchanges, but questions about the stability of the market remain,” said Matt Brow, president of Avalere. “This uncertainty is likely to contribute to substantial increases in exchange premiums across many states in 2019.”

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