Healthcare Coalition Calls on CMS to Maintain Leadership on Value-Based Payment

WASHINGTON –  The Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC) this week called on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to maintain progress on its efforts to drive the shift to value, while empowering beneficiaries through the support of reliable access to primary care. 

“We are encouraged by the ideas outlined by CMS and urge the agency to use this opportunity to allay stakeholder concerns about the possibility of slowing government leadership in the transition to outcome-based payment,” said Ann Greiner, President and CEO of the Patient-Centered Primary Care Collaborative.  “By setting forth and maintaining a vision for high-value care, CMS can continue to incent change and expand participation in both the public and private sector.”

Ms. Greiner said that the PCPCC supports CMS efforts to leverage payment models from other public and private programs and assign credit to clinicians and other providers participating in value-based models wherever due.  They also encourage CMS to actively work toward an environment in which the administrative burden on clinicians and other providers participating in value-based payment is both manageable and consistent across all public and commercial payment programs.

PCPCC encouraged CMS to continue its focus on the long-range vision of what our healthcare system should be and what individual steps are needed to achieve that vision.  This ongoing vision is critical to ensure continuity and stability in the approaches taken by the Innovation Center, as this continued leadership toward a defined goal is essential to health system transformation.

PCPCC also encouraged an emphasis on ensuring every American has access to primary care physicians and other clinicians in their community, that healthcare providers engage in coordinated team-based care and preventative and population-based health, that patients are engaged and active participants in their health and well-being and that payment emphasize value – not volume in healthcare delivery.

Please find the full comments of the PCPCC below.

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