Jill Rubin Hummel drives change in evolving healthcare industry

2016 Women in Business Winners

President and General Manager, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

In 2010, as vice president of payment innovation at Anthem Inc., Jill Rubin Hummel spearheaded a company-wide effort to more from a fee-for-service payment model, in which healthcare providers are reimbursed for each office visit, to one in which they are reimbursed for helping patients to manage their health on a continuing basis.

Although the concept is still evolving, it remains her crowning achievement. She envisions a day when technology will enable patients to receive most round-the-clock health services on an outpatient basis — even in their own homes — in the same way it enabled banks to offer 24-hour service.

"I'm incredibly proud of leading the team that helped Anthem get into that space," she said. "It was exciting. It was cutting edge and I felt like I was making a difference."

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