Bon Secours Richmond latest to offer virtual doctor's visits

From her office at Ironbridge Family Practice in Chesterfield County, Dr. Andreya Risser can see you even if you can’t get to her office.

She is just a few taps away if you have a smartphone or tablet handy, seeing patients through the new Bon Secours 24/7 e-visits service launched in January by the Bon Secours Richmond Health System.

“It certainly doesn’t address everything, but it takes care of a lot of the common problems and straightforward issues that people have in a more simplistic way,” said Risser, her image showing up on a reporter’s smartphone during a demonstration of the service.

“There are times when we see a patient on this platform and we recommend they follow up with their doctor in the office,” said Risser, who was in her office, at her desk, using an iPad.

Digital, virtual, e-visits — whatever you call them — are expected to be one of the big health trends this year as cost-conscious consumers and better technology align to make virtual visits affordable and easier.

A growing number of hospital systems, health insurance plans and drugstores are on board.

Common, simple-to-treat conditions such as influenza, sore throats, sinus infections, pink eye and rashes lend themselves to online video visits.

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