State Officials Pushing For 'All Payer' Health Care System By 2017

State officials say they're hopeful that a new health care payment system can be in place at the beginning of next year. The proposal is designed to reimburse providers to keep their patients healthy and to encourage the expansion of primary care practices.

It's known as the "all payer" system, and it represents a dramatic change in the way that health care is paid for in Vermont.

Currently, under the "fee for service" system, providers are paid for every office visit, procedure or test that's done.

Under all payer, providers would receive a set amount of money each month based on the number of patients they have and would be encouraged to work with their patients on prevention programs.

Al Gobeille is the chairman of the Green Mountain Care Board, a group that oversees virtually all aspects of health care in Vermont. He argues that "fee for service" might have worked in the past, but he says it's now an outdated payment system.

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