Video - Medical Homes Take a Team Approach to Primary Care

A visit to your primary care physician often means long waits in exchange for fleeting face-time with a doctor.  But a growing trend in the medical field aims to change that and a lot more. At Advanced Primary Care in Jamaica Plain, a routine check-up could lead to a one-on-one meeting with a pharmacist or social worker.  That's because it isn’t a typical doctor’s office. It’s a medical home.

"A medical home is essentially a clinic in which there’s a team of providers in different levels of health professions who work together centered around a patient’s needs to provide health care and health promotion," said Dr. Asaf Bitton.  

Bitton is a primary care physician and part of a team of medical professionals who collaborate on each patient's care. Before their daily appointments, the team “huddles" to discuss each case.

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